10 Best Nia Long Braids

Braids never go out of style. Actress Nia Long showed off her sleek, braided pigtails, updo, box braids, and buns. Braids are nothing new to this leading lady. Over the Christmas holiday, Nia wore lengthy, beaded cornrows complete with cowrie shells for a brave and beautiful look. Here we see this lovely actress showcasing a braid unlike anything we’ve seen before. Protective styling never looked so good! Switch up your style and use a little celebrity inspiration with these 10 Best Nia Long Braids.

1. Nia Long Braided Updo

Best Nia Long Braids

2. Nia Long Braided Hair Style

Best Nia Long Hair Style

3. Nia Long Two Braided Hair

Best Nia Long Braided Hair

4. Nia Long Classy Hair with Double Braids

Best Nia Long Classy Hair Braids

5. Nia Long Nice French Braided Hair Style

Nia Long Nice Braided Hair Style

6. Nia Long Side Braided Ombre Hair

Nia Long Side Braided Hairstyles

7. Nia Long Braids High Bun

Best Nia Long Braids Bun

8. Nia Long French Braids Bun Hair

Nia Long French Braids Bun

9. Nia Long Box Braids Bun Hairstyle

Nia Long Box Braids Bun Styles

10. Nia Long Two Cornrows Braids Long Bun

Nia Long Two Cornrows Braids Bun