10 Gorgeous Blonde and Dark Hair Color Ideas

You don’t have to go full blonde or full brunette! There are lots of options that you can use both blonde and dark hair colors.

If you have naturally dark hair you can go for hairstyles with dark roots and blonde ends, this look is perfect for casual and modern styles. Blonde and red hair color together may seem a little bit old fashioned but it will look definitely gorgeous if they nicely blended together. Blonde and dark brown would be a perfect match especially if you like to create a nice highlighted hair look.

Blonde hair color can be used as balayage, ombre or highlight color to create really chic and trending style. Ombre should be nicely blended and the transition should be¬†vaguely so you can achieve trending look for this fall season. Let’s take a look at the best examples of how to pair blonde and darker hair colors together.

1. Blonde Hair Dark Roots

Hair And Makeup Makeup Looks, V, Dark, Blonde

2. Blonde Ayage On Dark Brown Hair

Brown And Blonde Hair Ayage Dark Brown And Blonde Ayage

3. Blonde And Red Highlights On Dark Brown Hair

Make Up Haircolor, Highlights, Red, Red Blonde

4. Dark Hair with Blonde Highlights

Black with Blonde Highlights Hair Highlights And Lowlights

5. Brown To Blonde Ombre

Red Black Hair Dark Brown And Blonde Ombre, Balayage, Ombre, Pop, 2017, Color

6. Caramel And Blonde Highlights for Brown Hair

Dark Purple Highlights Dark Purple Hair, Balayage

7. Blonde Hair Dark Eyebrows

Blonde Eyebrow Makeup Hair And Makeup, Miley Cyrus, Style, Perfect

8. Black And Blonde Hair

Natural Blondes Platinum Blonde, Ombre, Dark, Tips, Brown, Black, Blonde

9. Black And Blonde Hair

Hair Black Ombre Black Hair Color, Dark, Tips, Blonde

10. Blonde And Black Hair

Dark Underneath Hair Fall Hair, Black, Blonde, Underneath