15 Bridal Hair Ideas: Half Up

Can’t decide between a fancy updo or a gorgeous half updo style for your wedding day? Here is a images of 15 Bridal Hair Ideas: Half Up that can solve your dilemma!

The choice of the right wedding hairstyle is as responsible as the choice of a wedding dress. It is common that brides can’t decide between many different bridal hairstyles, many brides opt with updo style but nowadays half updo hairstyles are getting more on more popular among young brides. Braided hairstyles are romantic and classy that you can add braids to your half updo wedding hairstyle. Curly and wavy hair look best with half updos, you can also add hair accessories and flowers to your wedding hair to create a lovely hairstyle. Half updo styles are perfect for summer outdoor weddings.

Now it is time to browse our gallery of beautiful photo ready options, and choose the one that fits you best!

1. Half Up Half Down Bridal

Half Up Half Down Bridal Hair

2. Bridal Hair Half Updo

Bridal Hair Half Up

3. Half Up Bridal Hairstyle

Half Up Bridal Hairstyles

4. Hair Updo for Long Hair

Hair Updo for Long Hair

5. Hair Half Up Half Down for Wedding

Hair Half Up Half Down Wedding


Bridal Hair Half Updo-6


Bridal Hair Half Updo-7


Bridal Hair Half Updo-8


Bridal Hair Half Updo-9


Bridal Hair Half Updo-10


Bridal Hair Half Updo-11


Bridal Hair Half Updo-12


Bridal Hair Half Updo-13


Bridal Hair Half Updo-14


Bridal Hair Half Updo-15