15 Long Curly Hair Cuts

You desire to modify the way you look in your daily routine? Then haircuts are the best choice. They make you look appealing and stylish and amazingly transform your appearance. There is absolutely nothing more beautiful and graceful then long hair. If you have long hair then you must consider yourself as one of the luckiest persons. But mostly people with long hair do not achieve perfect curls. The longer your hair, the more the curls seem to loosen themselves up. Weather conditions also act as a barrier for curls sometimes. The weather literally decides which haircut should be worn. But according to Ouidad, a hairstylist, “If your curls are cut correctly, you won’t fear humidity to ruin them.” She rather suggests the people to visit a good hairstylist if they wish for a curly hairdo, because it is not that easy a job.

Curly hair looks attractive even when simple. It’s not necessary to style it up a lot, because it has an elegant look within itself. But variety is always required by the audience. Anything without various choices will not be measured well by the public. Thus they need diversity, so that they can choose according to their personality and what they think is best for them. However, curly hairstyles look amazing if left open, they show off themselves. And if you do not wish to let them open, you can even tie them up properly or just try the half tied-up style as well. Curls in any way make you look stunning and alluring. So, if you are planning to go for a curly hair cut this year, then we have rounded up for you, the best curly hairstyles for long hair. Take a look at them, and try to change the way you have been looking from past, God knows how many months or years!

The Simple Long Curly Hairstyle:

Curly Hair

The Layered Long Curly Haircut:

Curly Hairstyles


Beautiful Curly Haircut with Side Swept Hair:

Hairstyles for Curly Hair


The “V-layered” Curly Haircut:

How to Curl Your Hair


Simple Side Swept Curly Hairdo:

How to Curl Hair


Curly Haircut with a Messy Curly Top:

15 Long Curly Hair Cuts_1


Side Parted easy Curly Hairstyle:

15 Long Curly Hair Cuts_2


The Beautiful Natural Curly Hairstyle:

15 Long Curly Hair Cuts_3


Gorgeous Side-Parted Long Curly Hairdo:

15 Long Curly Hair Cuts_4


Attractive Long Hairdo with Curls:

15 Long Curly Hair Cuts_5


Side Parted Long Curly Bob Hairstyle:

15 Long Curly Hair Cuts_6


Side Swept Neatly Tied-Up Curly Hairdo:

15 Long Curly Hair Cuts_7


The Medium Curly Bob Haircut:

15 Long Curly Hair Cuts_8


Simply Attractive Long Curly Hairstyle:

15 Long Curly Hair Cuts_9


Half Tied-Up Formal Curly Hairstyle:

15 Long Curly Hair Cuts_10



Long hair is a blessing and if you add curls to them, then you are surely the most dazzling woman in the crowd. You can try to keep them simple and leave them open, to show them off to your friends and family. If you do not want to keep your hair too long you can try the curly bob haircut. It looks awesome undoubtedly. Half tied up hair with curls hanging down is also a delight. So, if you want to look totally happening and curls are your pick this year then the above mentioned haircuts are great for you. Just pick one and head out to your hairstylist to make your appearance impressive. But don’t forget to pick a professional hairstylist for this purpose!