15 Slicked Hairstyle

Can’t find the perfect hairstyle for a special occasion? Here in this post you will find 15 Slicked Hairstyles! Whether it is on the red carpet or runaway, we can’t deny that we have been seeing a slicked back hair style trend everywhere recently. Many celebrities sport this chic hairstyle for special occasions and red carpet events.
They are edgy and sleek making them the perfect style for a night out or any other special events. You can go with wet looks or keep it dry and textured with subtle slicked-back hairdo. Wet slicked hairstyles are hot and looks really stylish and great for women with thick hair. You can create sexy and masculine style with wet looks. If you have flat and straight hair you should opt with textured and voluminous slicked back hairstyles. To create voluminous slicked hairstyle you will need paddle brush, hair spray and volumizing mouse. Spritz some long-hold hairspray over the paddle brush, then lightly drag the brush over your hair again.
With slicked back hairstyle you can emphasize your facial features and your eyes too! So check our gallery of stylish hairstyles and get inspired!

1. Slicked Nice Blonde Hair Style

Slicked Hairstyle

2. Slicked Hairstyle with Wavy Ends

Slicked Hairstyles

3. Slicked Dark Hair

Slicked Hair

4. Slicked Pixie Hairstyle

Long Pixie Slicked Hairstyles

5. Slicked Short Hairstyle

Slicked Short Hairstyles


Slicked Hairstyles-6


Slicked Hairstyles-7


Slicked Hairstyles-8


Slicked Hairstyles-9


Slicked Hairstyles-10


Slicked Hairstyles-11


Slicked Hairstyles-12


Slicked Hairstyles-13


Slicked Hairstyles-14


Slicked Hairstyles-15