20 Long Bob Haircuts for Thick Hair

Ask any women what they envy, they’d say thick hair. Thick hair is a gift. The simple reason is that it isn’t a limp hair. Thick hair also gives volume to the hair. The voluminous hair is what women prefer all the time. Of course, there are multiple hairstyles for those with voluminous hair. Thick hair also looks neat and groomed. Because the hair is thick, they naturally get thick locks which many women consider as a natural jewel. Again, the only problem with thick hair is its thickness. Because its thick, it might feel heavy especially for those with longer hair.

However, the solution is simple. Cut your hair short! While thinking of hairstyles for short hair, you cannot miss out on the famous one that will suit best for those with thick hair. It’s the bob cut! Bob cut or the lobs never go out of fashion. It stays in vogue all the time even if the world is introduced to something new. If you have thick hair and want to fit into the fashion world, there are some of the best bob cuts or lobs that you can try. Keep in mind that when you straighten the natural locks of your thick hair, your hair will look amazing.

One of the best hairstyles in vogue for thick hair is the A-Line cut. The A-Line cut is shorter in the back and is longer in the front. However, the back must at least be one inch shorter than the length at the front. The more the difference, the more the style this haircut could get. A-Line is a subtle, dramatic haircut that is a definite hit among those with thick hair.

Another hairstyle that will suit really well is the dark brown bob. It’s a modern version of the classic bob with heavy fringe, chin height, curled inwards, and rounded shape that frames the face exquisitely well. There are some other hairstyles that you can try which are listed below:


1-Long Bob Haircut for Thick Hair

Long Bob Haircut for Thick Hair, Bob Blonde Medium Length

2-A Line Hair Cut

A Line Hair Cut, Bob Hair Red Big

3-Thick Hair

Thick Hair, Bob Hair Long Hairtyles

4-Dark Brown Bob

Dark Brown Bob, Hair Length Shoulder Bob

5-Ombre for Short Hair

Ombre for Short Hair, Hair Bob Long Ombre


Hair Medium 2017 Women


Hair Balayage Lob Caramel


Balayage Lob Long Choppy


Length Hair Medium Wavy


Bob Hair Angled Hairtyles


Blonde Hair Thick Balayage


Hair Man Fun Fat


Hair Lob Priyanka Celebrity


Bob Length Inverted Chin


Hair Thick Medium Length


Hair Balayage Soft Thick


Balayage Blonde Hair Brown


Hair Lob Long Bob


Hair Olivia Lob Makeup


Balayage Choppy Bob Brown