23 Long Pixie Hairstyles

Pixie hairstyles are really gorgeous and stylish. Now we collect great styles in 23 Long Pixie Hairstyles. If you need a new short hairstyles, you should check these lovely hairstyles. Every women and every girls can have this hairstyle easily and we absolutely know you will look great with this haircut. Long pixie hairstyles very trendy and looks gorgeous. This article includes messy pixies, layered long pixie cuts, straight hair pixie style, different colored pixie cuts and more… Let’s take a look and pick your own style.

1. Long Messy Blonde Pixie Hairstyle

Long Blonde Pixie Hairstyles


2. Whippy Cake Long Blonde Pixie Cut

Whippy Cake Long Pixie Cuts


3. Jennifer Lawrence Long Pixie Hair with Dark Roots

Jennifer Lawrence Long Pixie Hair

4. Asymmetrical Long Pixie Cut Hairstyle

Layered Long Pixie Cut Hairstyles


5. Dark Pixie Cut with Long on Top

Dark Pixie Cut Long On Top


6. Fashionable Long Pixie Haircut for Women

Fashionable Long Pixie Haircut Gallery


7. Anne Hathaway Dark Brown Longer Pixie Haircut

Anne Hathaway Longer Pixie Style Haircuts

8. Michelle Williams Soft Pixie Haircut 2014-2015

Michelle Williams Haircut 2014-2015

9. Brown Longer Sassy Pixie Hairstyle

Brown Longer Sassy Pixie


10. Growing Out a Long Pixie Cut for Girls

Growing Out a Long Pixie Cut


11. Cutest Long Blondie Pixie Hairstyle

Long Blondie Pixie Hairstyle


12. Boyish Thick Long Pixie for Cute Girls

Boyish Long Pixie for Cute Girls


13. Charlize Theron Straight Long Pixie Hairstyle

Charlize Theron Hairstyles

14. Ash Blonde Long Pixie Hair

Ash Blonde Hair Pixie Hair


15. Short Blonde Straight Hairstyle with Long Bangs

Short Blonde Hairstyles with Long Bangs


16. Best Celebrity Short Layered Hairstyle

Best Celebrity Short Hairstyles

17. Ginnifer Goodwin Dark Pixie Cut Picture

Ginnifer Goodwin Pixie Cut Pictures

18. Cutest Straight Pixie with Long Style for Girls

Cutest Pixie with Long Style for Girls


19. Long Punk Pixie Haircut

Long Pixie Short Haircuts Punk


20. Best Long Thick Pixie Cut Idea

Best Long Pixie Cut Ideas


21. Ruby Rose Thick Pixie Hair

Ruby Rose Pixie Hair

22. Long Blonde Pixie Haircut 2014-2015

Long Pixie Haircut 2014


23. Long Pixie Cut with Undercut

Long Pixie Cut Undercut