25 Beautiful Hairstyles 2014

It is almost a cliché to say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and many among us would maintain that it is indeed true. But when we speak of real beauty, we are basically speaking of the kind of beauty which is internal and exudes from within. Yet, when we talk of outside beauty, we are definitely talking about external beauty such as the physical features of a person including her facial configuration and hairstyle. Basically, external beauty is based on the symmetry among the different parts of a person’s body. But this explanation of beauty can be a bit limited for in some ways, we can say that external beauty depends on our interpretation of what is beautiful. Beauty can be very perceptual. And if beauty is perceptual, the way we perceive a person determines whether she is beautiful or not. But beauty can be factual too. We know that when a person has symmetrical eyes which fit well with her nose, her face shape, and her lips, we can say that she has the making of a lovely person. Likewise, if she grooms herself well, and has a lovely hairstyle, all her natural charm will further be enhanced. Hence, we say that the kind of hair one’s sport can definitely prove important in making a person look beautiful. For this reason, you need to take care of your hair and create yourself a lovely hairstyle.

In this article, we showcase 25 of the most alluring and attractive hairstyles for you to look at and appreciate. You can readily browse through this lovely set of hairstyles and figure out which hairstyle you would like to mimic in the coming days. So what are you waiting for? I guess it’s time to enjoy browsing through this article.

Very Lovely and Alluring Long Wavy Hairstyle

Beautiful Hairstyles


Very Seductive and Alluring Long Hair with a Lovely Heart Bun

Beautiful Hairstyles for Long Hair


Glamorous and Enchanting Long Wind-swept Hairstyle

Beautiful Long Hairstyles


Very Fascinating and Captivating Long Hair with French Waterfall Braids

Beautiful Easy Hairstyles


Bewitching and Appealing Long Wavy Layered Hairstyle

25 Beautiful Hairstyles_1


Glamorous and and Very Seductive Long Wavy Hairstyle

25 Beautiful Hairstyles_2


Magnetic and Very Charming Long Wavy Hair with Lots of Volume

25 Beautiful Hairstyles_3


Awesome and Very Alluring Hairstyle with a Lovely Bun

25 Beautiful Hairstyles_4


Very Lovely and Engaging Long Wavy Hair

25 Beautiful Hairstyles_5


Very Charming and Enchanting Long Hair with Awesome Braids

25 Beautiful Hairstyles_6


Artistically Attractive and Elegantly Fascinating Braided Hair

25 Beautiful Hairstyles_7


Cool and Charming Braided Wavy Hairstyle

25 Beautiful Hairstyles_8


Awesome Updo Created with the Bobby Pins

25 Beautiful Hairstyles_9


Nice and Lovely Long Hair Arranged with an Updo

25 Beautiful Hairstyles_10


Very Appealing and Alluring Long Wavy Hair

25 Beautiful Hairstyles_11


Very Alluring and Magnetically Attractive Hairstyle

25 Beautiful Hairstyles_12


Cool and Awesome Braided Long Hair

25 Beautiful Hairstyles_13


Fabulous and Alluring Long Straight Hair

25 Beautiful Hairstyles_14


Very Alluring and Gorgeous Long Wavy Hair

25 Beautiful Hairstyles_15


Awesome and Enchanting Braided Long Hair

25 Beautiful Hairstyles_16


Engaging and Very Glamorous Long Wavy Hair

25 Beautiful Hairstyles_17


Very Attractive and Magnetically Entrancing Long Wavy Hair

25 Beautiful Hairstyles_18


Captivating and Alluring Long Wavy Hair with Nice Bun

25 Beautiful Hairstyles_19


Very Lovely and Attractive Long Wavy Hair

25 Beautiful Hairstyles_20

Nice and Glamorously Lovely Long Wavy Hairstyle

25 Beautiful Hairstyles_21

I am sure you have enjoyed viewing the different lovely and enchanting long hairstyles in this lovely set. Yes, these hairstyles are indeed fabulous and glamorous typifying what you can do with a lovely voluminous hair. Long wavy hairstyles still express the epitome of what it is to be a ravishingly attractive woman. Likewise, long wavy hair can definitely enhance and amplify your beauty, making you look very feminine and engagingly attractive to look at. I hope you were able to choose one or two hairstyles from this set of lovely hairstyles which you can sport and can make you look gorgeously awesome in the coming days.