25 Good Bun Wedding Hairstyles

We’re going to come out and say it: we love buns. Classic, chic bun hairstyles for your wedding day, that is. Classic chignons are always in style, so when you look back on your wedding photos, you won’t feel dated. Another reason we love buns, is that even though they’re simple. Also, buns are stylish, chic and classic updos for brides. Your hair will be out of your face all day, and you won’t have to deal with the boring hair-stuck-in-lipgloss dilemma that you may otherwise have with big curls or a half-up hairdo. Nope, your fly aways are going to be tucked into place all day, and everyone will be able to see your pretty and shining face. Perfect for destination or summer weddings when you want to have your hair off your neck and shoulders or if you want to show off the detailing at the back of your gorgeous wedding dress.
So take a cue from these lovely ladies in our 25 Good Bun Wedding Hairstyles gallery, and bun-it for your big day! You can’t get any more natural or romantic for your special day.

1. Simple Wedding Bun Hairstyle with Highlihgts

Simple Wedding Buns Hairstyles

2. Cute Low Rose Bun Hairstyle for Weddings

Low Rose Bun Hairstyles for Weddings


3. Different Wedding Top Bun Hairstyle

Best Wedding Bun Hairstyles


4. Cute Wedding Hair Bun with Flowers

Cute Wedding Hair Buns Images


5. Brown Low Bun Wedding Hair Do

Best Bun Wedding Hair Dos


6. Cutest Updo Bun for Bow Wedding Hairstyle

Hair Bow Wedding Hairstyles Updos Bun


7. Simple Low Bun Style for Wedding Hair

Simple Low Bun for Wedding Hair


8. Good High Bun Bridal Hairstyle

Good High Bun Bridal Hairdo


9. Jennifer Lopez’s High Bun for Wedding

Jennifer Lopez's High Bun Wedding Idea

10. Gorgeous Wedding Updo with Brown Hair

Gorgeous Wedding Updo


11. Thick Blonde Updo Wedding Bun with Headband

Thick Blonde Updo Bun Wedding Idea


12. Different Low Messy Bun Styles

Low Messy Buns


13. Cute Blonde Messy High Bun for Wedding

Blonde Messy High Bun for Wedding


14. Best Brunette Hair with Good Bun for Wedding

Best Brunette Hair Good Bun for Wedding


15. Ulyana Sergeenko’s Blonde Bun Straight Hair

Ulyana Sergeenko Bun Hair

16. Bridal Bun Hairstyle for African American Women

Bridal Bun African American Hairstyles


17. Stylish Hair Idea for Wedding with Good Bun

Best Hair Ideas for Wedding with Good Bun


18. Chic Wedding Top Bun

Best Wedding Top Buns


19. Best Hair Up with Flowered Bobby Pin for Weddings

Best Hair Ups for Weddings


20. Soft Blonde Hair Low Bun Style for Weddings

Soft Blonde Hair Low Bun for Weddings


21. 1950s Romantic Updo for Wedding

1950s Updo for Wedding


22. Good Hair Updo and Good Style

Good Hair Updos and Styles


23. Elegant Low Bun Wedding Hair with Curls

Best Low Bun Wedding Hair with Curls


24. Big Cute Messy High Bun Style

Big Cute Messy Easy High Bun

25. Cute Blonde Bun Style with Headband

Cute Blonde Bun with Headband