28 Balayage Hair Color Ideas

Often, we come across posts on Instagram with our friends wearing beautiful hairstyles and captioning it with hashtags that don’t make sense to us. Some of the pictures that I came across came up with #balayage. I’m sure you would have seen it too, and been wondering what language is this word from?

Of course, it is French but is widely used today in English. Balayage isn’t a name of an exotic location, it’s a type of a hairstyle. But it doesn’t denote a specific hairstyle but denotes a technique of coloring your hair. The name means ‘to paint’ and in this context, hair dye is applied to your hair with a free hand and not with foils. This freestyle of painting your hair creates a natural appearance in your hair. It’s a softer way of dyeing your hair.

Balayage isn’t done with any specific colors. It is a combination of colors that make your hairstyle fashionable and trendy. In fact, the technique has caught so much attention that many top celebrities including Miranda Kerr, Naomie Harris, and Sarah Jessica Parker have fallen in love with this technique and have sported a balayage. The technique is quite versatile as it is an experiment of multiple colors on your hair.

One of the most widely adopted balayage styles is the brown to blonde style. For those with brown hair, get the blonde dye and ask your beautician to start working on your hair. The blonde dye on the sides and the ends are what most people prefer as it accentuates the beauty of your hair.

When you combine the brown and blonde balayage with a beach waves hairstyle, you will take your glam quotient to the next level.

The perfect balayage can be attained only through experiments, whether you’re opting for a candy style or a color you prefer. There are several other ideas for balayage listed below:


1-Balayage Hair Color Idea

Balayage Hair Color Idea, Hair Balayage Color Blonde

2-Brown to Blonde

Brown to Blonde, Hair Balayage Color Blonde

3-Beach Waves

Beach Waves, Hair Balayage Year Women

4-Hair Color Trends

Hair Color Trends, Hair Balayage Color Trends

5-Balayage on Brown Hair

Balayage on Brown Hair, Hair Balayage Brown Color


Hair Blonde Highlights Color


Balayage Hair Brown Business


Brown Balayage Light Hair


Balayage Hair Color Length


Hair Color Balayage Summer


Balayage Hair Brown Color


Hair Length Wavy Tina


Hair Blonde Balayage Kylie


Balayage Hair Blonde Honey


Balayage Hair Wavy Bronde


Balayage Hair Brown Caramel


Balayage Bob Hair Dark


Balayage Brown Hair Color


Hair Balayage Color Blonde


Balayage Color Hair Highlights


Ombre Balayage Brown Caramel


Hair Balayage Color Caramel


Balayage Hair Color Blonde


Hair Balayage Color Brown


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