28 Medium Length Haircuts with Bangs

What do you do when you don’t like short hair and can’t handle long hair? Well, you settle for medium length hair. Medium length hair is a perfect length for many. They don’t sacrifice too much hair nor do they have to spend hours maintaining one. Medium length hair is usually shoulder length. Often, women who have medium length hair do not have a tie it up and leave it free. This is because of its simpler maintenance. However, your medium length hair could be made chicer and more elegant through a few additions. One of the best additions that you can give is the bangs.

Bangs are usually the hair that’s cut in a shape and lies over the forehead. It’s a style that never fails to impress the women. Too many celebrities have sported bangs and it never goes out of fashion. It defines glam and trend. The combination of a bang and a medium length haircut is the best thing a woman can wear.

When you have a shoulder length hair and have bangs, you will quickly become the center of attraction. You not only have hair that’s perfect in length but also has the bangs that accentuate important facial features that anybody could fall for. One of the popular examples of this is Emma Stone. When she appeared as Gwen Stacy in Spiderman, people fell in love with her hairstyle. The medium length hair and the supporting bangs definitely won the hearts of many.

But bangs don’t have to be blunt all the time. You can try different types of bangs too. But be careful when making the decision. Not every bang will suit every face. It needs to fit perfectly.  Some of the popular bangs are tapered, side-swept, side, and curly.

You can see a mix of various bangs and various medium length hairstyles below:

1-Medium Length Haircut with Bangs

Medium Length Haircut with Bangs, Medium Bangs Hair One

2-Bangs Haircut for Shoulder Length Hair

Bangs Haircut for Shoulder Length Hair, Medium Length Hair Bangs

3-Emma Stone Hairstyle

Emma Stone Hairtyl, Bangs Medium Length Hair

4-Medium Layered Hair

Medium Layered Hair, Medium Bangs Hair Length

5-Hair Cut Bangs

Hair Cut Bangs, Bangs Hair Length Elle


Wavy Medium Length Bangs


Medium Length Bangs Straight


Face Bangs Hair Shaped


Hair Medium Beauty Makeup


Shag Bangs Straight Bob


Hair Bangs Medium Layered


Bangs Hair Bob Hairtyles


Shag Medium Blonde Layered


Bangs Deschanel Hair Zooey


Hair Bangs Long 20


Hair Bangs Medium Length


Hair Bangs Hairtyles 40


Bledel Alexis Hair Alexa


Shag Bangs Medium Copper


Hair 50 Hairtyles Shapes


Bob Length Kim Jenner


Bangs Layered Hair Medium


Medium Blonde Layered Straight


Medium Layered Hair Blonde


Hair Hailey Baldwin Hairtyles