30 Hair Color Trends

Hair colors are a trend setter these days. They are innovative and give your hair a bright and extraordinary look. However one fear that constantly haunts people is that hair colors contain harmful chemicals. Is this true? To some extent it is but with science and technology reaching their apex, nothing is impossible to solve. Nowadays ammonia free hair colors are also available which save the people from the fear of chemicals, damaging their hair.

Hair colors have made their place among the people rapidly. Therefore, below we have rounded up for you the remarkable and best hair colors of this year. Pink seems to be the most happening and trendy hair color these days. Eye catching shades of pink are now used and they make a person look beautiful and cute. Purple also seems to be adored a lot and so does blue. Red is the most flattering and chic hair color till yet and is admired more by the celebrities. However if you wish to get your hair colored this year, then you ought to pick one of the below mentioned hair colors. They will make you look startling and sexy!

Peach and Purple Highlighted Curly Hair:

Hair Color Styles


Light and Dark Purple Colored Hair:

Haircuts And Hair Colors


Long Purple Colored Hair for Girls:

Hair Color Cuts


Medium Length Red Curly Hair:

Color Red for Hair


Blonde and Peach Colored Long Hair:

Color Style Hair


Purple and Blue Colored Braid Hairstyle:

30 Hair Color Trends_1


Brownish Red Long Curly Hair:

30 Hair Color Trends_2


Hot Pink Colored Long Hair:

30 Hair Color Trends_3


Black and Blonde Colored Blunt Hairdo:

30 Hair Color Trends_4


Light Purple Short Bob Hairdo:

30 Hair Color Trends_5

Dark red Colored Hair with a Bow:

30 Hair Color Trends_6

Cute Pink and Purple Colored Hair:

30 Hair Color Trends_7

Black Hair with Brown Highlights at Ends:

30 Hair Color Trends_8

The Trendy Orchid Colored Bun Hairstyle:

30 Hair Color Trends_9

Cute Baby Pink Colored Hair:

30 Hair Color Trends_10


Black Hair with Blue Highlights:

30 Hair Color Trends_11


Long Dark Blue Colored Hair:

30 Hair Color Trends_12


Black Hair with Blue Colored Ends:

30 Hair Color Trends_13

Purple and Blue Colored Long Wavy Hair:

30 Hair Color Trends_14


Pastel Pink and Purple Colored Hair:

30 Hair Color Trends_15


Light Purple and Blue Colored Wavy Hair:

30 Hair Color Trends_16


Dark Pink Colored Long Hair:

30 Hair Color Trends_17


Light and Dark Purple Curly Hair:

30 Hair Color Trends_18


Blonde Hair with Peacock Colored Highlights:

30 Hair Color Trends_19


Pink and Blue Colored Hairdo:

30 Hair Color Trends_20

Pastel Green Colored Wavy Hair:

30 Hair Color Trends_21


Black Hair with Blonde Bangs:

30 Hair Color Trends_22


Attractive Blonde Hair Color for Women:

30 Hair Color Trends_23


Pastel Purple Long Wavy Hair:

30 Hair Color Trends_24


Cute and Attractive Pastel Pink Hair Color:

30 Hair Color Trends_25



Hair colors are experimental but they leave you with an eye catching personality and outlook. What I suggest is that you should talk with your hairstylist about which hair color would suit you best. This way you will have confidence about the hair color you will choose. Personally pastel colors like pastel pink, pastel purple and pastel blue are worth trying. Even red seems quite appealing and hot. In the end whatever hair color you go for, keep in mind that you can never carry your new outlook without confidence. So even before deciding which hair color to go for, make up your mind about carrying it well.