Beautiful Hairdo Ideas for Special Days

If you have really long hair and have some trouble finding a formal hairstyle we have gathered the best hairdos and styles that you can sport for special occasions.

We all know that it may be hard to create a different hairstyle for every special event that can flatter your outfit and your facial features. There are many different updos and half updos that will make you look formal and stylish. Updo styles can be so versatile that you can find a perfect look for different updo hairstyles. Messy bun hair or top knot bun would be perfect idea for parties. Half updo hairstyles are perfect for young women who will attend a special event like prom or weddings. You can add braids to your hairdo for more romantic or bohemian styles. Wavy and loose downdo hairstyles are also perfect for weddings. If you like casual hairstyles you can go with messy buns of half buns, double braids are also very popular among young women who like casual and comfortable hairstyles.

1. Pretty Braided Style Updo

Hair Style Updo

2. Half Updo Style

Hair Styles Updos

3. Two Braids

Hairdos Updos

4. Classy Updo Hairstyle

Updos Hairstyle

5. Gwen Stefani Hair Knots

Updos for Women


Updo Hairstyles-6


Updo Hairstyles-7


Updo Hairstyles-8


Updo Hairstyles-9


Updo Hairstyles-10


Updo Hairstyles-11


Updo Hairstyles-12


Updo Hairstyles-13


Updo Hairstyles-14


Updo Hairstyles-15