Best 25 Medium Length Haircuts

Women often get confused when going out for a haircut. The confusion starts with the length of the hair that they want to wear. Some like it short, and some like it long. But both has its own problems. Women don’t want to sacrifice a lot of hair. Hence, they often don’t opt for short hair. With long hair, the maintenance is an issue. Also, having long hair in summer would be worse since there would be too much sweat. Hence, women settle for medium-length hair. The hair isn’t too short or long. It has a perfect length, requires little maintenance, and won’t cause trouble during the summer. If you want to have a medium hair length, read through to find out the different styles that you can try with medium length hair.

Medium length hair is a perfect length for fashion. It also makes a great selection if you want to color your hair. For those with medium hair, balayage will look exceptionally well. Balayage is a combination of two colors that painted with free hands on your hair creating a natural look. If you have brown or blonde hair, consider yourself lucky. One of the most popular styles of balayage is the combination of brown-blonde hair. You can also try the ombre hair color. The ombre colors are thick at the roots and lighter at the ends of the hair.

A popular style that’s catching up widely across the globe is the lob. The lob is a long bob. Sported by top models and celebrities worldwide, the lob not only gives you a good hair length but also frames your face well. In a lob, the sides are longer than the traditional bob. It’s trendy, fashionable, chic, and will accentuate the beauty of the wearer.

There are so many other popular styles that you can try as well. Here are some of the best ones:


1-Medium Length Haircut

Medium Length Haircut, Hair Hairtyles Bob Heart

2-Balayage Color

Balayage Color, Hair Balayage Medium Length

3-Modern Medium Cut

Modern Medium Cut, Hair Makeup Angel Real

4-Straight and Wavy

5-Ashy Brown

Ashy Brown, Hair Color Brown One


Hair Length Justice Victoria


Balayage Hair Ana Lob


Medium Length Side Long


Hair Balayage Highlights Caramel


Length Medium Robbie Hair


Hair Length Big Some


Hair Balayage Medium Layered


Hair Balayage Brown Fall


Hair Blonde Medium Long


Hair Medium Length Bangs


Blonde Blunt Long Bob


Length Hair Shoulder Medium


Hair Celebrities Length Shoulder


Blonde Medium Hair Ash


Length Kim Kardashian Hair


Length Medium Hair Choppy


Hair Kylie Makeup Jenner


Hair Length Medium Blonde


Balayage Hair Choppy Brown


Selena Makeup Hair Caitlyn