Grunge Long Hairstyles and Short Bangs

It’s time to mix things up just a bit by adding bangs! Here we have collected really rebellious long hairstyle ideas with bangs.

Long hair with bangs is a quick and easy way to completely change the vibe of your hairstyle without sacrificing the length. As you know if you like punk-rock or grunge styles short hair may be a good idea but you can create different looks with textured long hairstyles. Layering is the key to a textured looks, choppy layering will create a nice volume for your long hair. By adding bangs you can complete your unique style. It is really important to adjust the length of your bangs, if you have really wide forehead don’t go with too short bangs. Short bangs are great for creating a new look with long hair. You can dye your hair with different hair color or just add some highlights to create a colorful style.

So let’t check these hairstyle ideas now, these are perfect for young women who want to stand out of the crowd easily.

1. Stylish Short Bangs Long Hairstyle

Short Bangs Long Hair

2. Long Pretty Haircut with Short Bangs

Long Hair Short Bangs

3. Short Grunge Bangs on Long Hairstyle

Short Bangs Long Hairstyles

4. Grunge Style Short Bangs with Long Hairdo

Short Bangs with Long Hair

5. Shaggy Long Hairstyle with Short Bangs

Long Hairstyles with Short Bangs


Short Bangs Long Hair-6


Short Bangs Long Hair-7


Short Bangs Long Hair-8


Short Bangs Long Hair-9


Short Bangs Long Hair-10


Short Bangs Long Hair-11


Short Bangs Long Hair-12


Short Bangs Long Hair-13


Short Bangs Long Hair-14


Short Bangs Long Hair-15