Hairstyles Trends 2015 – 2016

Do you want to follow the hair fashion? You are the right place! The 2015-2016 season shows offered up two main themes when it came to beauty. First was the push and pull between minimalism and maximalism. The trend shows in fact that we shouldn’t be afraid of hiding our look! Have we convinced you? Now all it’s left is for you to find the perfect and lovely hairstyle for you! We selected some glamorous Hairstyles Trends 2015-2016 shows, from minimal to punk, it’s time for a cut! Check them out and get inspired!

1. Long Wavy Hairstyle Trend 2016

Best Hairstyles Trends 2016

2. Choppy Hairstyle Trend 2015

Bob Hairstyles Trends 2015

3. Medium Haircut Trend 2015

Bangs Haircuts Trends 2015

4. Latest Medium Wavy Haircut Trend 2016

Latest Haircut Trends 2015-2016

5. Fine Thin Bob Hairstyle

Fine Thin Short Hairstyles

6. Blonde Shoulder Length Hairstyle 2015

Blonde Hairstyles Trends 2015

7. Beauty Low Ponytail Hair Trend 2015

Best Beauty Hair Trends 2015

8. Ashley Benson Short Hair with Loose Waves 2015

Ashley Benson Short Hair 2015-2016

9. Long Sombre Hair Style

Sombre Hair Style Trends 2016

10. Super Long Layered Hair

Super Long Hair Trends 2015

11. Modern Medium Wavy Hair

Modern Medium Haircuts 2015

12. Loose Wavy Medium Hair

Loose Waves Medium Hair Trends 2016

13. White Gray Straight Hair

White Gray Hair Trend 2016

14. Purple Hair Color 2015

Hair Color Trend 2015

15. Blonde Medium Hair Color 2015

Best Blonde Hair Colors 2015

16. Fashionable Long Hairstyle

Fashion Girl Hairstyles Trend 2016

17. Purple Ombre Long Hair

Purple Ombre Hair Trend

18. Latest Beyonce Long Hairstyle

Latest Beyonce Hairstyles Trends

19. 2015 Red Hair Color Trend

2015 Cute Hair Color Trends

20. Rose Pink Braided Hair Color

Rose Pink Hair Color Trend

21. Dark Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

Dark Blonde Hair Color 2015

22. Charming Granny Hair Color Trends 2015

Granny Hair Color Trends 2015 2016

23. Natural Blonde Hair with Highlights

Natural Blonde Highlights 2015