Must-See 20 Meg Ryan Haircuts

We are in a generation where celebrity endorsements have a greater impact on sales. We just fall in love with a few celebrities so much that we decide to follow whatever they do. In fact, we sometimes even wear the dress that our favorite celebrities wear in the movies. One such celebrity who has a huge fan following is Meg Ryan.

Meg Ryan stole the heart of everybody when she appeared in the famous film ‘When Harry met Sally’. The film was a blockbuster with Meg Ryan becoming an inspiration for many women across the world. People have been closely following her ever since and are imitating her. Fortunately, Meg Ryan knows fashion well and this helps the fans to adopt different things at different times. Meg Ryan is famous for her blonde hair and various hairstyles that she has sported over the years. Some of these hairstyles are really gorgeous and we could imitate them without second thoughts.

She loves medium-length haircuts and also loves bob cuts. Long long ago, she sported a textured short hairstyle that became extremely famous. The pixie cut with side-parted hair and side-swept fringes in the front was tried by many. The hairstyle was stylish, simple, and shaggy and is considered to be one of the best cuts for a hot summer time.

She even had a curly hairstyle once. It was a combination of a medium-length curly hair with curls and waves. It was shorter in the front and longer at the back. The messy look and the shorter length in the front will frame the face perfectly.

For a long time, she’s been a fan of shaggy hairstyles. It’s one of the easy ways to style your hair and is less time-consuming. She once had a medium shag hairstyle and looked nothing short of gorgeousness.

There are a few other styles that she’s tried in the past. Here are some that might help you with getting a beautiful hairstyle.

1-Meg Ryan Haircut

Meg Ryan Haircut, Hair Meg Ryan Short

2-Bob with Layers

Bob with Layers, Meg Ryan Hair Bob

3-Shaggy Bob

Shaggy Bob, Meg Ryan Hairtyles Hair

4-Curly Blonde Lob

Curly Blonde Lob, Ryan Meg Hair Curly

5-Meg’s Pixie

Meg's Pixie, Short Hair Shag Pixie


Hair Meg Ryan Short


Meg Ryan Curly Short


Hair Meg Ryan Wavy


Hair Meg Ryan Short


Meg Ryan Short Hair


Curly Meg Ryan Wavy


Hair Short Meg Ryan


Meg Ryan Hair Bardot


Hair Meg Ryan Bangs


Meg Ryan Wavy Hair


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Hair Short Hairtyles Meg


Hair Meg Ryan Curly


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