Must-See Long Pixie Haircuts in 2016-2017

Pixie cuts will be in fashion for many years so we want to collect the latest long pixie haircut ideas that you ca go with for a new mahjong ways and fresh looks.

When you think of pixie cut it is likely that super short haircuts come to your mind first. Nowadays pixie cuts are so versatile that any woman can find the perfect style for herself. Longer pixie hairstyle is the one of the most common short haircuts among women. It is very easy to style and suitable for any hair type and face shape. If you have curly hair and heath shaped face you ca go with asymmetrical pixie cuts. Pixie cuts with bangs also very popular, young women sport long pixies with undercut style. You can style your pixie slicked back or with a nice head band for special occasions. Messy and bedhead styles are also extremely trendy and messy looks can be easily created with longer pixies. Now let’s check these gorgeous short hairstyle ideas together:

1. Long Blonde Pixie Hair

Long Pixie Haircut

2. Platinum Blonde Long Pixie Hairstyle

Long Pixie Hairstyles

3. Long Pixie Haircut with slot88 Side Shave

Long Pixie Haircuts

4. Pixie with Long Asymmetrical Bangs

Pixie Cut Long Bangs

5. Longer and Layered Pixie Haircut

Longer Pixie Haircuts

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Long Pixie Haircuts-6


Long Pixie Haircuts-7


Long Pixie Haircuts-8


Long Pixie Haircuts-9


Long Pixie Haircuts-10


Long Pixie Haircuts-11


Long Pixie Haircuts-12


Long Pixie Haircuts-13


Long Pixie Haircuts-14


Long Pixie Haircuts-15


Long Pixie Haircuts-16

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Long Pixie Haircuts-17


Long Pixie Haircuts-18


Long Pixie Haircuts-19


Long Pixie Haircuts-20