Must-See Mid Length Layered Hair Ideas

Especially in this year, medium length hairstyles are really popular among women. This hairstyle is the ideal choice in order to have multiple hairstyles for different occasions.

First of all mid length hair is so versatile that can be styled into different hairstyles. You can try gorgeous updo styles, add curls or simply straightnen them to have a changed look for different occasions. Layering is the key to gorgeous medium hair, long layers would work on any women with healthy hair. If you have thin and straight hair you can have heavy layering to create some volume and texture. Long bob hair is a great example of mid length hairstyle that is sported by women all around the world including celebrities. You can ask your hairstylist to add bangs for a new sophisticated looks.

Let’s take a look at the best haircuts that we have gathered for you. These stylish medium length hairstyles in this post will definitely keep you in style and help you to create a new looks!

1. Mid Length Layered Brown Hair

Mid Length Layered Hair

2. Mid Length Blonde Hair with Layered Cut

Mid Length Hair Layered

3. Long Layered Hair Mid Length

Long Layered Mid Length Hair

4. Mid Length Wavy Hair with Layers

Mid Length Hair Long Layers

5. Straight Mid Length Hairstyle with Layers

Mid Length Hairstyles with Layers


Mid Length Layered Hair-6


Mid Length Layered Hair-7


Mid Length Layered Hair-8


Mid Length Layered Hair-9


Mid Length Layered Hair-10


Mid Length Layered Hair-11


Mid Length Layered Hair-12


Mid Length Layered Hair-13


Mid Length Layered Hair-14


Mid Length Layered Hair-15