15+ High Ponytails for Long Hair

Wanna style your hair into gorgeous ponytails? In this port we have collected 15+ High Ponytails for Long Hair that you may want to try soon!

If you have super lovely long hair you know the struggle of finding a hairstyle Ariana Grande is one of the best fans of high ponytails. She has really long and full hair that she sports ponytails beautifully. High ponytail look as its best when the hair is wavy and voluminous. Tousled and messy ponytails are really popular even for red carpet events. Use dry shampoo to add texture at the roots, then tease lightly with a brush to create a voluminous look. You can add braids to your ponytail to create more elegant and stylish look. To create a masculine style you can go with slicked back, straight pony tail too! If you have layered hair let your face framing pieces fall into place to create a really chic style.

Here are the trendy long ponytail hairstyle ideas for you locks, check them out now and get inspired by these looks!

1. Cute High Ponytail Hairstyle

Cute High Ponytail Hairstyles

2. Long High Ponytail

Long High Ponytail

3. High Ponytail for Long Hair

High Ponytails for Long Hair

4. High Long Ponytail Style

High Long Ponytail

5. High Ponytail Idea Long Hair

High Ponytail Long Hair


Long High Ponytail-6


Long High Ponytail-7


Long High Ponytail-8


Long High Ponytail-9


Long High Ponytail-10


Long High Ponytail-11


Long High Ponytail-12


Long High Ponytail-13


Long High Ponytail-14


Long High Ponytail-15


Long High Ponytail-16