15+ Long Straight Hairstyles for Women

Long hair is completely stunning when it’s smooth and solid. Take your long, straight hair to the following dimension by including sweet layers, side bangs, inconspicuous texture, or maneuver it once again into a shocking updo. Including even only a slight change to your straight locks can take it from consistently to fascinating! Investigate a portion of our preferred long straight hairstyles during the current year! Grasp your long straight hair and begin cleaning up your look with one of the stunning hairstyles appeared. Review your blow drying and level pressing aptitudes as well and you’ll be a great idea to go!

1. Cute Long Straight Hair

An overly popular hairstyle when you consolidate a metallic rose gold with the great lob. This look is versatile to the point that anybody can claim it regardless of the skin tone or face shape.

Long Straight Hair


2. Layered Long Straight Hairstyle

This crisp straight fringe supplements these lengths without getting excessively substantial and gives only the perfect measure of completion to the entire look. It’s an ideal yet basic cut for oval countenances.

Long Straight Hairstyles

3. Long Straight Haircut

The vast majority of the occasions, it’s absolute best to simply give long straight hair a chance to do its thing. This look works best if it’s incredibly gleaming and straight, so better utilize the best level iron notwithstanding when you’re normally straight.

Long Straight Haircuts

4. Haircut for Long Straight Hair

At the point when consolidates with dark brunette shades, these flawless warm nectar pieces do incredibly on helping the entire look and giving complexity to development. Styling with waves can upgrade these impacts flawlessly.

Haircuts for Long Straight Hair

5. Updo Hairstyle for Long Straight Hair

Incredible hair is about naturally cut delicate and face-encircling pieces. Notice how adequately these strands shape the face for a longer and more brilliant appearance.

Hairstyles for Long Straight Hair

6. Blonde Balayages

Blonde Long Straight Hairstyles-6

7. Platinum Blonde

Platinum Blonde Long Straight Hairstyles-7

8. Blonde Ombre for Straight Hair

Long Straight Blonde Ombre Hairstyles-8

9. Layered Cut

Layered Long Straight Hairstyles-9

10. Medium Long Dark Brown Hair

Medium Long Straight Hairstyles-10

11. Blunt Haircut

Long Straight Blunt Hairstyles-11

12. Cute Brown Long Hair

Cute Brown Long Straight Hairstyles-12

13. Blunt Haircut

Blunt Long Straight Hairstyles-13


Long Straight Hairstyles-14


Long Straight Hairstyles-15


Long Straight Hairstyles-16


Long Straight Hairstyles-17


Long Straight Hairstyles-18