15 Pink Ombre Hair Ideas

Ask a woman what color she likes the most and there are more chances that she’d say ‘pink’. The world associates pink with women.  It’s a color that women love. You see it in their handbags, wallets, dresses, bikes, and sometimes even on their hair! Pink hair color on women looks the sexiest. It redefines beauty for the particular women. We’ve seen too many people sporting pink color on their hair and we’ve never failed to admire.

But how we wear it also important. Although there are many ways to color your hair, one of the most popular way that’s currently in vogue is ombre. Ombre is a type of coloring your hair wherein the dark hues are colored near the roots while the lighter hues are colored near the ends or vice versa. It gives a chic and sexy look which entirely depends on the color that you opt. With pink, the coloring technique doesn’t let you down. There are different shades of pink that you could try and accentuate your beauty.

One of the most popular blends that’s catching up not only with hair colors but everywhere is rose gold. Rose gold is a combination of pink and gold that highlights whatever it is found on. The good thing about the rose gold color is that it’s not too bright. But it looks vibrant and catchy. It looks as though your hair is glittering. But if you’re opting for a pink shade for your hair, rose gold is a safe bet.

Pale pink is another popular option especially if you don’t want the color to be too bright. The pale pink color blends well with your hair and sort of boosts the beauty of your hair. If you have blonde hair, the pale pink color blends so well that people could think that it’s a natural color.

There are also many different ideas of ombre for coloring your hair pink. Find it below.

1-Pink Ombre Hair

Pink Ombre Hair, Hair Dark Ombre Pink

2-Rose Gold Ombre

Rose Gold Ombre, Gold Hair Rose Colour

3-Pale Pink

Pale Pink, Hair Gold Color Rose

4-Pastel Pink Ombre for Dark Blonde Hair

Pastel Pink Ombre for Dark Blonde Hair, Hair Gold Pink Rose

5-Unicorn Hair

Unicorn Hair, Hair Pink Ombre Purple


Hair Gold Color Blonde


Ombre Hair Pink Purple


Hair Pink Pastel 45


Hair Mauve Color Chocolate


Hair Ombre Rose Gold


Hair Ombre Pink Color


Hair Pink Ombre Pastel


Hair Color Ombre Pink


Hair Pink Ombre Red


Hair Pink Gold Ombre