16 Long Layered Haircut Ideas

Long hair is girlish and very stunning. Girls who have long hair and try different hairstyles stand out everywhere as people stare at their beautiful look. We have gathered together Long Layered Haircuts that will make you feel motivated and opt for a new look this season. There are popular ideas that are very interesting to try and you will never regret choosing them. So one of them is V-shaped layered hair. In general, layers give a volume to hair but if you combine it with V shape then the stunning look is guaranteed. Cut your layers from the ending parts of your hair and get ready to turn heads. if you don’t want V shape, then you can just try long layers. Long layers can pump up the volume while adding a great movement to your hair. If your hair is blonde then adding layers can be a great decision. No matter you will wear your hair up or down, your layers will just look great. Windswept layers are also very cool and they will create a romantic feel. Almost all girls love blow-out layers. Such layers give a magical look and you will feel wonderful as everybody will admire your amazing look. Face-framing layers are also great if you want to try something new. This is a great idea for straight down hair. Face-framing layers will highlight your face effortlessly and give you a fresh look. Choppy layers are great for thin hair and create gorgeous views from all angles. Curly highlighted layers can also transform your look. Highlights will help your layers stand out and you will feel fabulous. Long hair can sometimes feel boring, so try one of these layered hair ideas and walk down the street like you are a Hollywood star!

1. V Shape Long Layered Haircut

Long Layered Haircuts

2. Bonde Long Layered Hairstyle

Long Layered Hairstyles

3. Wavy and Straight Layered Long Hair

Layered Long Haircuts

4. Ashy Blonde Long Layered Hair

Long Layered Hair

5. Dark Brown Long Layered Hair Cut

Long Layered Hair Cuts

6. Gorgeous Hairstyle

Long Layered Haircuts-6

7. Choppy Layers

Long Layered Haircuts-7

8. Sleek Hair

Long Layered Haircuts-8

9. Wavy Layers

Long Layered Haircuts-9

10. Daily Look

Long Layered Haircuts-10

11. Balayage Layers

Long Layered Haircuts-11

12. Thick Hair

Long Layered Haircuts-12

13. Layered Haircut

Long Layered Haircuts-13

14. Chic Look

Long Layered Haircuts-14

15. Face-framing Layers

Long Layered Haircuts-15