25 Best Curly Hairstyles

Curly hair is one of the most sought after hairstyles and even those with naturally curly hair sometimes don’t know what to do with it. Whether it is an up-do, loose waves or tight curls, there are so many different ways to perfect your curly hairstyle; from the red carpet to the beach, curls are the perfect way to enhance any look.

The classic curly hairstyle has been seen on celebrities such as Blake Lively, Sarah Jessica Parker and more recently, Kate Middleton. Others, like Taylor Swift and Beyonce showcase that tight curl look which has become increasingly popular. The perm was once the must have hairstyle until the “straight look” took over and straighteners were the only tool to be used on your hair. Now, people have embraced the natural wave in their hair and the perm seems to be making a comeback too.

It can be hard to know how to achieve that perfect curl and even harder to decide what tools you should be using to get the style just right. Curling tongs are one of the easiest ways to create a curl and you can choose between the looser wave or the tighter bounce but there are many other ways to get the look you want. Straighteners can be trickier but once you get the hang of them, they create a smooth finish. Rollers are a no heat way of gaining the curly lovely hairstyle you want but they tend to work better on longer hair. If you have shorter hair and want a no heat alternative, mousse or sea salt spray tend to work well.

As we go on, we’ll reveal the 20 best curly hairstyles so if you’re stuck for ideas or just want to admire some amazing looks, have a look at a few favourites.

A combination of tighter and loose curls to achieve a fun look for daytime and night time.

Hairstyles for Long Curly Hair


A plait or curling tongs can give you definition in your curls

Curly Long Hairstyles


Naturally curly blonde hair

Curly Hair Style


Brunnette hair with curls combining a lighter tone

Curly Haircuts


Christina Applegate showing how short curly hair can be just as flattering

Curly Hairstyle


Eva Longoria showcasing a curly up-do

20 Best Curly Hairstyles_1

A classic curly hairstyle as modelled by Paris Hilton

20 Best Curly Hairstyles_2

Beyonce’s tighter curls have become more popular in recent years

20 Best Curly Hairstyles_3

Sleek curls swept over one shoulder

20 Best Curly Hairstyles_4

Rhianna adding a twist to a curly look

20 Best Curly Hairstyles_5

Curls coupled with bangs

20 Best Curly Hairstyles_6


Tight curls to add bouce to your hair

20 Best Curly Hairstyles_7

Black long hair with added volume and bangs

20 Best Curly Hairstyles_8

Peferct loose beach waves

20 Best Curly Hairstyles_9


A smooth curly finish

20 Best Curly Hairstyles_10

Curls with volume and straight sleek bangs

20 Best Curly Hairstyles_11


Wavy curls with an added braid

20 Best Curly Hairstyles_12


Sweeping bangs into side-swept curls

20 Best Curly Hairstyles_13


Julia Roberts showing curls twisting away from her face

20 Best Curly Hairstyles_14

Glamourous curls work on the red carpet too

20 Best Curly Hairstyles_15

Add accessories to make your curls stand out

20 Best Curly Hairstyles_16


Fun curls for long hair

20 Best Curly Hairstyles_17


Styled curls with added accessories

20 Best Curly Hairstyles_18


Short curls for short hair

20 Best Curly Hairstyles_19


Messy curls with defining ends

20 Best Curly Hairstyles_20