20 Bob Haircut Pics for New View

The basic bob haircut came to us from the innovative Flapper short bob, started by in vogue young ladies in the 1920’s. They cast off their undergarments and ‘bobbed’ their long hair, to demonstrate their autonomy from tradition and create another, cutting edge character for women. So it has a great family!

The opportunity you gain from bob is great and nowadays the bob haircut is as yet one of the most popular hairstyles in short, medium and long length hair. And regardless of what your personal fashion style is, you can emphasize it by wearing a matching bob haircut!

1. Bob Haircut

For this season, the angled bob, inverted bob, and stacked bob haircuts are leading the high fashion patterns. These haircuts are very easy to style and yet look totally smart and professional, for the individuals who appreciate being admirably prepared at work and elegant when on furlough.

Bob Haircut

2. Wavy Bob Cut 2019

Round faces can be thinned down and enhanced by a severe bob cut with solid, asymmetrical lines to counteract the curves in the face. And long faces can be made to look shorter with a jawline length bob haircut that has heaps of smoothly adjusted volume at the sides.

Bob Cut

3. Short Ash Blonde Bob Cut

Layered bobs can enhance fine hair making it easier to get more volume in the outline. And on coarse hair, the bob haircut is a super way to get a contemporary etched shape that keeps your hair beautifully controlled.

Short Bob

4. Modern Short Bob Hairstyle

Curly bobs can add a great bit of youth and happy style to any woman and with truly, textured tips and a side-swept fringe produce a delicate and ladylike look.

Short Bob Haircuts

5. Blunt Short Bob Hairstyle

Discover a bob that you like from our photos of bob haircuts beneath and then ask your beautician to tailor it to enhance your particular face shape.

Short Bob Hairstyles

6. Soft Layers

Bob Cut-6

7. Inverted Style

Bob Cut-7

8. Wavy Ends

Bob Cut-8

9. Messy Look

Bob Cut-9

10. Blonde Bob

Bob Cut-10


Bob Cut-11


Bob Cut-12


Bob Cut-13


Bob Cut-14


Bob Cut-15


Bob Cut-16


Bob Cut-17


Bob Cut-18


Bob Cut-19


Bob Cut-20