20 Cool Braid Hairstyles

There’s never a better love story than braided hair. Also known as a plait, braided hair can be worn by joining two or multiple strands of hair to form a pattern. Braids are helpful to keep your hair out of your face. This will help women when they are busy working at the office or working out at the gym. Since the hair is tightened to a position, it will not cause any problems. Often, braids need a bobby pin or a hair elastic to keep the hair in position. There are although multiple types of braids that people can choose from. Braids can look stylish, chic, and sexy on most kinds of hair. Even popular celebrities have worn braids and have attracted a lot of women.

For teens, there are different types of braids. These school hairstyles look neat and cute. The fishtail braid updo is one of the most popular ways of braiding your hair. The hair is divided into two sections and pieces of hair are blended from one section to the other. The side-French braid is another popular style where the French braid is done on the side of the hair rather than at the back. Another elementary and a great style for those with long hair is the four-strand braid. The hair is divided into four strands, and the first strand is crossed with the second, third, and fourth strand in order.

Braids in a bun is another popular style of braiding your hair. Buns keep your hair out of the way and with braids will also enhance your style. Tie your hair in a ponytail with the help of a hair elastic. Work a few strands on the ponytail for the braids. Then, convert the braid into a bun and you have yourself a great hairstyle. There are many other ways of braiding your hair. Some of the other ones are listed below:


1-Cool Braid Hairtyle

Cool Braid Hairtyle, Hair Hairtyles Party Braid

2-Braids for School

Braids for School, Hair Braid Hairtyles Braids

3-Four Braid Ponytail

Four Braid Ponytail, Braids Hairtyles Hair Braided

4-Braided Bun

Braided Bun, Cute Summer Hair Fun

5-Cool Side Braid

Cool Side Braid, Hair Braided Braid Hairtyles


Hair Up Down French


Hair Braid Hairtyles Boho


Braided Hair Braids Braid


Hair Braids Side Makeup


Braid Hair French Braids


Hair Braid Braids Braided


Hair Hairtyles Braids Braided


Hairtyles Hair Braided Braids


Braids Hair Up Half


French Braids Hair Braid


Hair Braided Hairtyles Braid


Braids Cornrows Braided Styles


Hair Hairtyles Braids Braid


Braid Braids Styles Braided


Hair Braid French Hairtyles