20+ Famous Hairstyles 2015 – 2016

You can go for a complete makeover, or just add some highlights to get lovely style looks. And to know what is on trend for 2016 surely we need to go through famous celebrity hairstyles in first place. Celebrity hair styles and colors are always very versatile, still they are not always very comfy and convenient for every day life. In cold weather the only thing all of us are seeking for are warmth and comfort, and for many of us the number one guarantee is the change of hairstyles and colors to warmer shades. But what is there so contemporary and unique in the new hair trends 2016? Rich hair colors, some soft highlights? Straight hair or wavy? The answer to all of them, we’ve gathered 20+ Famous Hairstyles 2015 – 2016 list. Check them out and choose your new hairstyle!

1. Famous Shoulder Length Dark Hairstyle 2016

Famous Shoulder Length Hair Hairstyles 2016

2. Famous Medium Brown Hairstyle 2015

Famous Medium Hairstyles 2015

3. Famous Layered Long Haircut 2015

Famous Layered Haircuts 2015

4. Famous Blunt Bob Haircut 2016

Famous Bob Haircuts 2016

5. Strawberry Blonde Ombre Bob Hairstyle

Strawberry Blonde Ombre Hairstyles

6. Famous Lob Hairstyle with Highlights

Famous Lob Hairstyles

7. Famous Short Wavy Hair

Famous Short Hairstyles

8. Lily Collins Short Hair with Waves 2015

Lily Collins Nice Short Hair 2015

9. Famous Blonde Pixie Hair

Famous Pixie Hair 2015

10. Famous Long Bob Hair with Highlights

Best Famous Long Bob Hair

11. Halle Berry Dark Hair 2015

Halle Berry Hair 2015-2016

12. Asymmetrical Pixie Bob Hairstyle 2015

Pixie Bob Hairstyles 2015-2016

13. Inverted Short Bob Hairstyle 2016

Best Inverted Short Hairstyles 2016

14. Famous Curly Copper Bob

Famous Curly Bob Hairstyles 2015

15. Thick Dark Bob Hairstyle

Thick Dark Bob 2015

16. Famous Amber Heard Messy Updo

Famous Amber Heard Updo

17. Shoulder Length Straight Hairstyle

Shoulder Length Hairstyle

18. Chloe Moretz Famous Long Hair

Chloe Moretz Famous Long Hair

19. Angelina Jolie Brown Hair 2015

Angelina Jolie Famous Hair 2015

20. Anna Kendrick Dark Blonde Hair

Anna Kendrick Famous Blonde Hair

21. Famous Hairstyle for Medium Wavy Hair

Famous Hairstyles for Medium Hair 2016

22. 2016 Famous Short Fine Hairstyle

Best 2016 Famous Hairstyles