20 Super Long Bob Cut Hairstyle

The long bob, also known as lob, is a classic cut where the length of the hair falls between the jawline and collarbone. This season we’re taking the lob haircut to an unheard of level. Curls, asymmetric cuts, profound parts, waves – the alternatives are perpetual! The best part? They are so easy to style and wear anywhere.

Look at the most popular long bob hairstyles we discovered for the current year for your next inspiration to attempt.

1. New Long Bob Cut

This angled long bob is high drama and high style. It’s unquestionably a popular cut at this moment. Cutting long bobs at angles creates one of a kind measurements and development.

Long Bob Cut

2. Best Long Bob Cut Hairstyle

The late spring is coming so why not attempt an in vogue haircut like this one?! This is another hair idea where the hair is longer at the back and shorter at the front. It is styled with textured beach waves as well. This is an exquisite adaptation of the lob and it will give you an in vogue boho look ready for the mid-year season.

Long Bob Cut Hairstyle

3. Cute Long Bob Haircut

This is a sun-kissed brunette with nectar tones on a long layered bob haircut. I cherish all the natural searches for hair. You can light up and spruce up a bob by adding only a little measurement. Less is almost always more. I cherish that the wispy layers give it a blustery, natural look that really compliments the color.

Long Bob Haircut

4. Trendy Long Bob Haircut 2019

This medium-length lob is beautiful and versatile. It is easy to style like a bob, however, you’re as yet able to ponytail it when you need it out of your way!

Long Bob Haircut 2019

5. Super Long Bob Haircut

Keeping the length at the front is flattering for most face shapes, and those somewhat features created with a balayage or hand-mixed technique, really beat the whole plan. It’s beautiful, manageable and overly fashionable as well. It ticks all the containers.

Super Long Bob Haircut

6. Blonde Bob

Long Bob Cut Hairstyle-6

7. Soft Wavy Style

Long Bob Cut Hairstyle-7

8. Lob Style

Long Bob Cut Hairstyle-8

9. Soft Waves

Long Bob Cut Hairstyle-9

10. Choppy Ends

Long Bob Cut Hairstyle-10


Long Bob Cut Hairstyle-11


Long Bob Cut Hairstyle-12


Long Bob Cut Hairstyle-13


Long Bob Cut Hairstyle-14


Long Bob Cut Hairstyle-15


Long Bob Cut Hairstyle-16


Long Bob Cut Hairstyle-17


Long Bob Cut Hairstyle-18


Long Bob Cut Hairstyle-19


Long Bob Cut Hairstyle-20