2018 Medium Hair Cuts for Women

Medium length hairstyle is a universal hairstyle. It doesn’t require too much attention that may require long hair. On the other side, it is not a low maintenance hairstyle. You can choose any type of styles over your medium length hair. If you wish you can accentuate the style with shaggy, layer, bangs, side parting or anything else. Medium length hair is suitable for doing ombre or highlighting. You can do shoulder length medium hairstyle as well which is not a short hairstyle at all. Here are a few examples that will help you to enhance your beauty with medium length hairstyle.

1. Medium Haircut for Women

Medium Haircuts for Women

This is a cute medium hairstyle. Its cutest part is the ombre on your natural colored hair.

2. Side parting Blonde Medium Hair

Medium Hair for Women

The side parting messy layered blonde hair can give you a stunning look.

3. Medium Haircut for Women 2018

Medium Haircuts for Women 2018

Here you can have the idea of how long or short you should do to make a medium length hairstyle. It shows the flexibility of having a medium length hair. The wavy part is a gorgeous look on shoulders length medium hairstyle.

4. The Classic Highlighted Medium Hairstyle

Medium Hairstyles for Women

Here is the classic medium hairstyle that can escalate your savvy look.

5. Blonde Medium Haircut

Medium Haircuts

This is obviously a gorgeous medium length hairstyle. It can stun anyone with the added glamor on your personality. In fact, the blonde hair with long layered is really a stunning style.

6. Loose Wavy Blonde

Medium Haircuts for Women-6

This hairstyle will take less than a minute to get you to get for the outing. Wearing it,  you’ll never feel like a mess anymore after waking up from the bed!

7. Fashionable Style for Girls with Longer shaped face

Medium Haircuts for Women-7

8. Angled Shoulder Length Bob Side View

Medium Haircuts for Women-8

9. Unique and Inspirational All purpose Tress

Medium Haircuts for Women-9

10. Layered hair for Bouncy Appearance

Medium Haircuts for Women-10

11. Balayage Waves

Medium Haircuts for Women-11

12. Side Parted Blonde with Black Roots

Medium Haircuts for Women-12

13. Super Sleek and Sexy

Medium Haircuts for Women-13

14. Suberb Medium Length Mane

Medium Haircuts for Women-14

15. Blonde hairstyle for Fine Hair

Medium Haircuts for Women-15