25 Easy Long Haircuts

Since time immemorial, having long, brilliant hair that would be the envy of every girl around for miles has been every girl’s dream. However, it is not always easy to manage and protect such long hair without putting in a good amount of time and effort. When you chopped off your hair and you left the salon feeling (and looking) like a supermodel. Then, you wash it for the first time. Then, you try to style it for the first time. Then, it looks nothing like it did the day you left the salon. The sad fact is not all long haircuts are wash-and-go. To help you avoid a repeat of these scenario, we’ve rounded up 25 Easy Long Haircuts that require a few minutes to style. Let’s have a look at these lovely hairs and get inspired!

1. Amanda Seyfried Easy Long Straight Hair Style

Amanda Seyfried Easy Long Hair Styles

2. Easy Long Haircut with Bangs

Trendy Easy Long Haircuts

3. Easy Long Wavy Hairstyle

Stylish Easy Long Hairstyle

4. Long Easy Haircut with Loose Waves

Best Long Easy Haircuts

5. Layered Long Easy Fine Haircut

Best Layered Long Easy Haircuts

6. Easy Cut Long Thick Hair

Easy Cut Long Hair Styles

7. Easy Cut Modern Long Wavy Hair

Easy Cut Modern Long Hairstyles

8. Charming Long Ombre Hairstyle

Easy Ombre Hairstyles

9. Easy Long Hair with Low Wavy Ponytail

Easy Long Hair Low Ponytail Styles

10. Easy Long Half Ponytail Hair Cut

Easy Long Hair Cut Half Up Styles

11. Wavy Long Copper Easy Cut

Wavy Long Hair Easy Cut Styles

12. Everyday Half Up Hairstyle for Long Hair

Everyday Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair

13. Easy Very Long Wavy Hair

Easy Long Wavy Haircuts

14. Simple Dark Hair Cut

Simple Hair Cut Styles

15. Long Thick Haircut with No Layered

Easy Long Haircuts with No Layered

16. Rachel Green Straight Hair

Rachel Green Easy Long Hair

17. Ashy Gold Long Blonde Hair

Easy Ashy Gold Long Hair

18. Easy Super Long Wavy Hair

Easy Super Long Haircuts

19. Easy Long Brown Haircut with Bangs

Best Easy Long Haircuts with Bangs

20. Long Choppy Layered Haircut

Easy Long Choppy Haircuts

21. Straight Half Up Brown Hairstyle

Easy Straight Half Up Long Hairstyles

22. Burgundy Plum Long Hair

Burgundy Plum Hair Easy Long Hair

23. Vintage Curls with Blonde Long Hair

Vintage Curls Easy Long Hair

24. Long Layered Hair with Short Layers

Long Hair with Short Layers Easy Cuts

25. Long Highlighted Hair 2015

Easy Long Hair Highlights 2015