25 Haircuts with Bangs for Women

Bangs have again taken over the fashion world. It has come back with a bang! Hairstyles with bangs are one of the most popular ones. The very reason is its versatility and its multiple forms. Any form of a bang accentuates your glam. They send out a fashion statement that many hairstyles struggle to. They suit all types of hair. Whether its wavy, short, long, straight, curly it doesn’t matter. It can do wonders. The bangs and fringes are so famous that we’ve seen our favorite celebrities sporting it most of the time. You can easily find them with bangs on Instagram. If your fashion statement has to be bang on target (no pun intended), here are some amazing hairstyles that you can try.

Curly haired women are already cute. A curly haired girl with a bang? She’s an angel in disguise. For curly haired women, curly bangs are effortlessly simple. You can also try a pixie with a curly bang. With a bandana-wrap, you can frolic on the beach without trouble, all while catching the attention of everybody. A half-up style or a ponytail is another great way of tying up your hair with a good accessory.

For those who prefer short hair, lobs with bangs are the best option. With lobs, you don’t have to sacrifice a lot of your hair. Lob is also the hottest haircut for any woman. By adding bangs, you’re taking your hairstyle to the next level. It helps you to adopt a new style without losing much hair. And in case if you’re just experimenting with bangs, and you do not feel satisfied, you can always hide the bangs in a few hairstyles. But if you’re resorting to lobs with bangs, it is important to understand your hair texture and choose wisely.

Here are some other types of hairstyles with bangs that you could try:

1-Haircut with Bangs

Haircut with Bangs, Hair Bangs Face Square

2-Curly Bang

Curly Bang, Curly Hair Bangs Curls

3-Lob and Bangs

Lob and Bangs, Girl Bangs Ulzzang 20

4-Medium Length

Medium Length, Medium Length Hairtyles Bangs

5-Shaggy Style

Shaggy Style, Hair Nina Dobrev Bob


Hair Bangs 20 Year


Hair Black Bangs Part


Bob Layered Angled Bangs


Blonde Bob Medium Layered


Hair Bangs 40 Work


Bangs Lob Hair Blonde



Hairtyles Light Color Bangs


Hair Bangs Makeup Bob


Bangs Face Hair Oval


Hair Bangs Rihanna Face


Blonde Bob Over Bangs


Hair Blonde Long Bangs


Bangs One Modern Medium


Hair Blonde Face Shape


Hair Blonde Hairtyles 20


Hair Long Bangs Chung


Hair Bangs Wavy Small


Bangs Hair Bob Medium


Hair Bangs Choppy Hairtyles