25+ Hairstyles for African Women

The hair designers continue to excite us each new season with a wonderful mix of natural and black hairstyles to comply with every style and for every occasion! From brave and vibrant hair shades of curly girls going ombre or red, or even purple, to shorter styles becoming the more preferred natural hair look as Twa’s become more shaped and tapered. Natural hair is no longer about growing out your mane, but more about personality. How do you like to wear your lovely hair? Whether you prefer to keep your hair natural, relaxed, improved with a weave, or heat styled, there are 25+ Hairstyles for African Women here just for you. Take inspiration from celebrities like Rihanna, Gabrielle Union, Sacha Chang etc.. Check it out here!

1. Side Parted African Hairstyle Image

African Hairstyles Images 2015

2. Curly Hairstyle for African Girls

Afro Hairstyles African

3. Box Braids Black African Long Hair

Box Braids Black African Hair

4. Natural Curly Long Hairstyle for African Women

Natural Curlyhairstyles for African Women

5. African Box Braided Hair for Winter 2016

African Women Hair Winter 2016

6. Dreadlock Hairstyle for African Women

Best Hairstyles African Hair

7. Short African Curly Black Hairstyle

Short African Black Hairstyles

8. Ash Blonde Short Pixie Hair

Ash Blonde Short African Hair

9. African Braided Updo Hair

African Braided Hairstyles

10. African Vintage Updo Hair

African Vintage Hairstyles

11. Short Relaxed Pixie Hairstyle

Short Relaxed African Hairstyles

12. African Dark Curly Hairstyle for Natural Hair

African Hairstyles for Natural Hair

13. Tapered Natural Highlighted Hair

Tapered Natural African Hair

14. Senegalese Twist Style with Crown Braid

Senegalese Twist Hair Styles

15. African Straight Hair Style for Women

African Women Straight Hair Styles

16. Tapered Natural Hairstyle Back View

Tapered Natural Hairstyles Back View

17. Black Woman Long Twisted Hairstyle 2015

Black Women Long Hairstyles 2015

18. African Half Up Long Hairstyle

African Women Half Up Hairstyles 2015

19. Black Twisted Hairstyle with Braids

Black Hairstyles Braids Styles

20. Cornrow Black Hairstyle

Cornrow Hairstyles African Women

21. Black African Woman with Red Hairstyle 2015

Best Black African Women Hairstyles 2015

22. Stylish Woman with Top Knot Hairstyle

Stylish African Women Hairstyles

23. Short Curly Blonde Hair on Black Girl

Short Hair on Black African Girls

24. Beautiful Black Short Pixie Hairstyle

Best Beautiful Black Girl Short Hairstyles

25. African Woman Super Long Hairstyle with Box Braids

African Women Super Long Hairstyles

26. African Hair Braiding Twist Ponytail Style 2015

Best African Hair Braiding Twist Styles 2015

27. African Woman with Red Colored Hair

African Women Colored Hairstyles