25 Short Layered Pixie Haircuts

Short lovely hairstyles have always been brave, and at the beginning of 20th century were considered very boyish. But as time change we see that among the popular hairstyles more and more often short cuts are seen. They have their unique place in fashion industry. At first you may think that having short hair may be boring, no versatility and choice of designs. But you are very wrong. Short hairstyles provide with wide range of possibilities, from bob haircuts to shaved sides Mohawks. One of the most amazing short styles are layered pixie haircuts. If you like short haircuts, then I highly recommend you to try on this short layered pixie haircut. I personally felt in love with a way this cut was freshen up with luxe wave design. If you want to highlight your eyes and elongate your neck, then you must try this cut. They are all flattening, feminine and funky, elegant and sporty. Check out this 25 Short Layered Pixie Haircuts list.

1. Jennifer Lawrence’s Short Layered Hair with Pixie Cut

Jennifer Lawrence Short Layered Hair

2. Cute Blonde Layered Pixie Haircut

Cute Layered Pixie Haircut


3. Short Layered Thick Pixie Haircut for Women

Layered Thick Pixie Haircuts


4. Pixie Layered Hairstyle for Short Hair

Layered Hairstyles Ideas for Short Hair


5. Jena Malone’s Long Layered Pixie Style

Jena Malone Long Layered Pixie Haircut

6. Best Pixie Cut with Side Swept Bangs for Round Faces

Best Pixie Cuts for Round Faces


7. Pixie with Short Feminine Layers

Pixie with Short Feminine Layers Back View


8. Lovely Short Hairstyle for Layered Pixie

Lovely Short Hair Cuts for Layered Pixie


9. Ginger Layered Pixie Cut with Highlights

Layered Pixie Cut with Highlights


10. Short Layered Pixie with Red Hair Color

Short Layered Hair Color Ideas


11. Layered Straight Long Pixie with Red Highlights

Layered Straight Long Pixie Hairstyles


12. Fire Red Pixie Haircut for Girls

Red Pixie Haircut Back View


13. Short Layered Dark Pixie Hair

Short Layered Hair Girl Styles


14. Charming Short Blonde Pixie Cut

Best Short Blonde Pixie Cuts


15. Sophie Sumner’s Pixie Layered Haircut

Sophie Sumner Pixie Layered Hair

16. Dark Layered Pixie Style for Thick Hair

Layered Pixie Hair Styles


17. Short Layered Cute Pixie Cut

Best Layered Cute Pixie Cuts


18. Cute Dark Pixie Haircut for Asian Girls

Cute Dark Pixie Haircuts for Girls


19. Short Summer Hair with Layered Pixie Cut

Short Summer Hair Layered Pixie Cuts 2015


20. Chic Shinny Blonde Pixie Cut

Best Shinny Blonde Pixie Cuts


21. Short Cute Layered Brown Pixie

Best Short Cute Layered Brown Pixie


22. Beauty Short Pixie Hair Cut for Older Women

Beauty Short Pixie Hair Cuts


23. Michelle Williams’s Ginger Layered Pixie Haircut

Michelle Williams Layered Pixie Haircut

24. Cute Dark Brown Layered Pixie Style

Cute Dark Brown Beautiful Layered Pixie

25. Best Chelsea Kane’s Short Layered Pixie Bob Style

Best Chelsea Kane Short Layered Pixie Bob