25 Top Lovely Bangs

Have you ever opted for a hairstyle or haircut that involves bangs? If you have not, then you should know that you are missing out on a fantastic opportunity of rediscovering yourself. The truth is that you are able to change your look completely with just the right type of bangs. There are all sorts of options that you can choose, depending on your features. For instance, if you feel that your forehead is too wide, you can simply cover it up with some pretty thick straight and neat bangs. If you just want to be able to try out all sorts of hairstyle, you could opt for a thin and narrow type of bangs. Here you have the top lovely bangs that you can choose from if you were considering this kind of change. The truth behing every haircut that comes with bangs is that people just want to try something new. Some can get used to bangs, some would be better off without them. It is all a matter of perspective and patience. If you do not regularly have straight hair and you need to straighten it every single day, then opting for bangs might consititute a problem. Constantly styling short lovely hair with a hot piece of machinery will definitely damage it beyond repair. So, you will probably have to wait untl it grows before you can cut it again. If your hair looks great even without needing to style it too much, then you should go ahead and opt for either of these 25 top lovely bangs. You could start with the thin and narrow ones and then be a bit more courageous and opt for the thick bangs. Which one would suit you best? Well, this is the kind of conversation that you should have with your stylist a.s.a.p.!

1. Short Straight Simple Bangs

Hairstyles with Bangs

2. Thin Dark Beautiful Bangs

Long Hair with Bangs

3. Ginger Slightly Longer Bangs

Haircuts with Bangs

4. One Sided Wavy Bangs

Bangs Hairstyle

5. Thick Gorgeous Straight Bangs

Haircut Bangs

6. Thick Dark Simple Bangs

25 Top Lovely Bangs_1


7. Short Red Asymmetrical Bangs

25 Top Lovely Bangs_2

8. Thick Straight Line Bangs

25 Top Lovely Bangs_3


9. One Sided Longer Dark Bangs

25 Top Lovely Bangs_4


10. Thick Short Blonde Bangs

25 Top Lovely Bangs_5


11. Long Lovely Thin Bangs

25 Top Lovely Bangs_6

12. Really Short One Sided Bangs

25 Top Lovely Bangs_7

13. Straight Line Short Thin Bangs

25 Top Lovely Bangs_8

14. Cute Blonde Neat Bangs

25 Top Lovely Bangs_9


15. Thick Long Gorgeous Bangs

25 Top Lovely Bangs_10

16. Red One Sided Sexy Bangs

25 Top Lovely Bangs_11

17. Blonde Simple Filled Bangs

25 Top Lovely Bangs_12

18. Red Thick Beautiful Bangs

25 Top Lovely Bangs_13

19. Dark Thin Filled Bangs

25 Top Lovely Bangs_14

20. Gorgeous Messy Short Bangs

25 Top Lovely Bangs_15


21. Blonde Long Thin Cute Bangs

25 Top Lovely Bangs_16

22. Dark Thick One Sided Straight Bangs

25 Top Lovely Bangs_17


23. One Sided Thick Highlights and Bangs

25 Top Lovely Bangs_18


24. Thick Fantastic Cute Bangs

25 Top Lovely Bangs_19


25. Red Straight Messy Amazing Bangs

25 Top Lovely Bangs_20

If you were thinking about getting bangs, then you should not wait any longer. Do not listen to anyone when it comes to making a decision. Here you have everything you need in order to do what is best for yourself. So, check out these 25 top lovely bangs again and make sure that you will make the change that will mark the beginning of a new chapter in your life. Get bangs as soon as you can!