25 Wavy Hairstyles for Long Hair

Your outlook is something that must be beautiful and eye catching and it should represent your personality to some extent. A woman is created as a symbol of beauty and pureness. Hair is a pivotal part of every woman’s beauty. Lovely hairstyles add life to your personality. And in this article we have ramped up for you some long haircuts which are best for girls or woman with wavy hair. They provide you to make you look prettier and startling than before. So for all the women who have wavy hair and want to go for a long hair then you have actually landed on the accurate place. They are definitely going to make you look amazingly attractive as long hairstyles themselves are remarkably classical and eye catching!

1. Haircut for Long Wavy Thick Hair

Long Wavy Hairstyles


2. Beautiful V Cut Layers

Beautiful V Cut Long Wavy Hairstyles Layers


3. Hairstyle for Teenage Girls

Hairstyles for Long Wavy Teenage's Hair


4. Miley Cyrus Wavy Hairstyles for Long Style

Miley Cyrus Wavy Hairstyles for Long Hair

5. Beachy Waves with Ombre Colored

Beachy Waves No Heat Style


6. Sarah Jessica Parker Caramel Style

Sarah Jessica Parker Caramel Long Hairstyles

7. Golden Brunette-Brown Hair Highlights

Brown Hair Highlights


8. Courtney Shoemaker Wavy Blonde Chic Look

Courtney Shoemaker Wavy Long Hair

9. Two Colored Style Long Hairdo for Girls

Colored Style Long Hairstyles for Girls


10. Kate Beckinsale Thick Long Style

Kate Beckinsale Hairstyles

11. Dark Brown Hair with Lowlights

Dark Brunette Brown Hair


12. Shay Mitchell Different Color Big Waves

Shay Mitchell's Wavy Hair

13. Long Red Hairstyles with Beach Waves

Long Red Hairstyles Waves


14. Subtle Highlights for Brown Hair

Balayage Hair for Dark Hairstyles


15. Miranda Kerr Side Parted Cute Wavy Hair

Miranda Kerr Wavy Hairstyles

16. Curly Waves Idea for Long Hair

Wave Idea for Long Hair


17. Blondie Long Wavy Style for Cute Girls

Long Wavy Style for Girls


18. Amanda Seyfried Cutest Look

Amanda Seyfried Hairstyles

19. Dark Brunette Extremely Long Wavy Hair

Dark Extremely Long Wavy Hair


20. Ombre Colored Long Wavy Curls

Ombre Colored Wavy Hairstyles


21. Best Brown-Caramel Highlighted Hairdo

Brown-Caramel Highlighted Hairstyle


22. Olivia Palermo Cute Blonde Wavy Style

Olivia Palermo Blonde Wavy Styles

23. Jennifer Lawrence Long Natural Wavy Look

Jennifer Lawrence Natural Wavy Hair


24. Perfect Beachy Waves for Prom

Perfect Beachy Waves


25. Fashionable Style Brunette Extra Long Hair

Trendy Brunette Extra Long Hair