28 Best Choppy Haircuts for Women

Flaw is the new fashion. Even in clothing, torn jeans are the fashion of the century. Gone are the days when neatness was considered to be the epitome of fashion. People do not like things in symmetry today. They want things to be random and not in the same fashion. This mindset of multiple women gave rise to a haircut that’s a trend of late, called the choppy haircut. It’s a layered haircut which is not cut in symmetry. That’s the beauty of it. It creates an edgy look but adds volume to the hair.

If you’re someone who is looking for a haircut to fit in the current fashion world, choppy cuts are your great gamble. There are various ways in which you could get a choppy cut.

One of the popular styles that’s catching up and being adopted by women across the world is the messy choppy bob. Although it is a bob, unlike the traditional ones, it has choppy ends. The ends are not symmetrical and already looks messy. Sometimes, women don’t comb the hair and do a free style. It adds more to the messy look but makes for a great haircut especially at present.

Wild side bangs are another popular haircut that’s been adopted widely by celebrities across the world. With an uneven haircut and an uneven bang that are cut on the sides, it takes the definition of fashion to a whole new level. Similarly, the choppy side swept cuts are also in fashion. People have been embracing side swept hairstyles like never before and the choppy side swept style is a side swept with a twist. The uneven ends makes the style sexier. Choppy cuts also look great with the right choice of colors. Whether pastel hues or dark colors, the mess only goes on to mesmerize.

Here are some other ideas for the choppy haircuts that you might want to try:

1-Choppy Haircut

Choppy Haircut, Balayage Choppy Brown Long

2-Messy Choppy Bob

Messy Choppy Bob, Choppy Hair Balayage 20

3-Wilde Side Bangs

Wilde Side Bangs, Hair Swept Side Thin

4-Medium Hair

Medium Hair, Hair Medium Wavy Length

5-Layered Choppy Cut

Layered Choppy Cut, Shag Bob Trends Spring


Hair Blonde Bob Bobs


Bob Choppy Blonde Hair


Choppy Bob Silver Blonde


Hair Color Balayage Blonde


Hair Length Agron Dianna


Shaggy Medium Trends Blonde


Blonde Bob Choppy Shaggy


Choppy Layered Bob Angled


Shoulder Layered Length Bob


Bob Choppy Blonde Balayage


Hair Hairtyles Bob All


Hair Choppy Lob Brunette


Pixie Short Blonde Bob


Choppy Bob Blonde Medium


Choppy Bob Angled Long


Hair Color Dark Black


Lob Choppy Thick Medium


Hair Makeup Blonde 40


Hair Blonde Choppy Platinum


Choppy Bob Thick Bronde