28 Ombre Straight Hair Styles

Gone are the days when people color their hair with one color. It went out of fashion years back. People have started mixing it up since then. Through these experiments, a lot of women have learned the art of coloring their hair. Sometimes things go terribly wrong that they decide not to encourage people to color their hair in a particular way. But some hair colors go universally well. Especially when you have long hair, it looks chic and sexy.

One of the universal ways of coloring your hair is called ‘Ombre’. Ombre is a French term that means ‘shaded’. The hair is shaded or blended with one color hue to another. The hairstyle has a single color. But the dark hue would appear at the roots of the hair and light hue at the ends or vice versa. But overall, it’s a hairstyle that never fails to impress.

When choosing ombre, one has to be wary of the colors. You should always pick one that suits to accentuate your beauty. Some of the popular colors that people use for ombre is discussed here.

Ever since Daenerys Targaryen appeared in Game of Thrones, people have fallen in love with the ash color. It seems to go well with any kind of face and has stood to define boldness. But people are mixing it up with a color the girls have always loved. The Ashy Blonde is the trend of the era. The hairstyle has either ash color near the roots of the hair and the blonde color at the roots or vice versa. But it’s a color choice that never lets you down and puts you on the spotlight.

Similar is the dark to blonde wherein dark color is applied to the roots and blonde towards the ends. This technique is another way to acquire a great hairstyle.

You can also try some of the other coloring techniques listed below:

1-Ombre Straight Hair

Ombre Straight Hair, Hair Blonde Balayage Straight

2-Straight Hair Cut and Color

Straight Hair Cut and Color, Hair Ombre Brown Blonde

3-Ashy Blonde

Ashy Blonde, Hair Blonde Balayage Ombre

4-Latest Long Ombre Hair

Latest Long Ombre Hair, Hair Blonde Dark Gold

5-Dark to Blonde

Dark to Blonde, Makeup Hair Ombre Straight


Hair Ombre Balayage Blonde


Hair Ombre Balayage Straight


Ombre Hair Balayage Straight


Hair Ombre Blonde Balayage


Hair Ombre Blonde Balayage


Ombre Hair Straight Balayage


Balayage Ombre Straight Hair


Blonde Balayage Hair Highlights


Hair Balayage Straight Makeup


Hair Balayage Blonde Straight


Balayage Hair Straight Brunette


Blonde Balayage Lob Silver


Hair Ombre Color Balayage


Hair Ombre Honey Beauty


Brown Hair Color Highlights


Hair Balayage Silver Straight


Blonde Balayage Brown Choppy


Blonde Hair Women Balayage


Blonde Hair Ash Ombre


Hair Ombre Summer Spring