Beautiful Half Up-Half Down Hairstyles

These days half up half down hairstyles are in trends and everyone loves to follow this hair trend whether they are blessed with natural waves or sleek straight hair.

Formal or casual half updo styles are great for long hairstyles, you can sport many different half updos for different occasions. For example braided and wavy half up half down style is always a good idea for weddings or proms. Wavy hair looks great with half updo styles, you can easily get your hair out of your face with a nice updo. If you have wide forehead and sport long bangs, half updo styles will look really unique on you. Half up half down hairstyles generally make the hair look much more romantic or formal but there are many casual half updo styles with thin braids that can flatter your bohemian style.

Now let’s take a look at the latest half up half down hairstyle ideas that are suitable for any hair type from straight to curly. Just browse and enjoy!

1. Half Down Half Up Braided Hairstyle

Half Down Half Up Hairstyles

2. Hairstyle for Curly Hair Down

Hairstyles for Hair Down

3. Simple Half Up Down Hairstyle

Half Up Down Hairstyles

4. Ombre Hairstyle Half Up and Half Down

Hairstyles Half Up and Half Down

5. Classy Hair Half Up Half Down

Hairdo Half Up Half Down


Half Down Half Up Hairstyles-6


Half Down Half Up Hairstyles-7


Half Down Half Up Hairstyles-8


Half Down Half Up Hairstyles-9


Half Down Half Up Hairstyles-10


Half Down Half Up Hairstyles-11


Half Down Half Up Hairstyles-12


Half Down Half Up Hairstyles-13


Half Down Half Up Hairstyles-14


Half Down Half Up Hairstyles-15


Half Down Half Up Hairstyles-16


Half Down Half Up Hairstyles-17


Half Down Half Up Hairstyles-18


Half Down Half Up Hairstyles-19


Half Down Half Up Hairstyles-20