Beloved Hairstyles for Straight Hairdos

Straight hair is one of the most beloved and adored hair type for women. It is very easy to style and maintain especially if you have fine hair.

Straight hair generally needs some boost to look voluminous and fresh. So layered bob hairstyle is always a good idea whether you have thick or fine hair. If you have thick hair short bob hair with blunt bangs would be a great idea. Women with thin hair can go with blunt haircuts to make their hair look fuller and voluminous. Pixie styles are also a good idea for women with straight hair, it will be super easy to style and perfect for casual looks. Sleek straight long hairstyles also look really gorgeous, you can go with different layering styles. For instance, shoulder length layers would look great on almost any woman. Chin length layering can also nicely emphasize your facial features.

You can easily style your hair for special occasions if you have straight hair. But if you want to sport wavy or curly hair and have thin hair type you need to apply texturing hair products and complete the style with extra holding hair spray.

1. Blunt Bob with Straight Hair

Hairdos for Straight Hair

2. Blonde Ombre Straight Hair

Hairstyle Straight Hair

3. Short Haircut for Straight Hair

Haircuts Straight Hair

4. Chic Dark Brown Hairstyle

Hairstyle Straight

5. Short Bob for Straight Hair

Hairstyles for Straight Hairs


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