Long to Medium Hairstyles for Women

If you are looking for a fresh hairstyle but you don’t want to say goodbye your long hair, then you are in the right place. Today, we will introduce you Women’s Long to Medium Hairstyles which are perfect choices. Who has said you should go short in order to look fresher and modern? These long to medium hairstyles will give you that innovative look, so just go through the pictures and you will surely love them. One of the best choices is layers. Layers give much volume and add thickness to your hair. Besides, they are very stylish and easy to maintain. When you cut layers you can keep your hair either straight or curly. Both ways will be beautiful and your layers will give an extraordinary touch. Long hair half up is also very stylish. This year almost all women, as well as celebrities, opt for half up hair. This hairstyle is especially comfortable on hot days when you want to keep your hair in place and look stylish at the same time. Long to medium hair is also beautiful when you make it curly. Curls mix together and create positive vibes. However, if you want to look a bit different, then you can choose a wavy hairstyle. Waves give women a great style and make them stand out from the crowd. Simply make your hair wavy and leave the tips straight. Believe it or not, you will be in the spotlight. Just check the hairstyle ideas below and take one for your next fresh look!

1. Blonde Long to Medium Hairstyle

Long to Medium Hairstyles

2. Medium Long Hair Half Up

Medium Long Haircuts

3. Curly Long to Medium Hair Style

Long to Medium Hair Styles

4. Layered Long to Medium Hair

Long to Medium Hair

5. Cute Medium Long Haircut

Medium Long Haircuts

6.Blonde Layered Hair

Long to Medium Hairstyles-6

7.Brownish Hairstyle

Long to Medium Hairstyles-7

8.Hair with Bangs

Long to Medium Hairstyles-8

9.Wavy Hair with Lowlights

Long to Medium Hairstyles-9

10.Messy hairstyle

Long to Medium Hairstyles-10

11.Straight Layered Hair

Long to Medium Hairstyles-11

12.Long to Medium Dark Hair

Long to Medium Hairstyles-12

13.Blonde Hair

Long to Medium Hairstyles-13

14.Half Updo Hair

Long to Medium Hairstyles-14

15.Wavy Ombre Hairstyle

Long to Medium Hairstyles-15