Long Wedding Updo Styles

The wedding ceremony is the most important event for any bride. Every girl has the dream to see herself as beautiful as no other thing in the world. Updo is one of the trendy, fashionable, gorgeous and stunning hairstyles for bride. It can enhance the beauty and glory of any women, especially in the wedding ceremony.

You can do updo whether you have short or long hair. Besides, opting for braids, you can bring a twist to the final look. For brides, there are thousands of updo options available that can make them look gorgeous with complimentary accessories. We are here to guide you or give you an idea to make your wedding updo unique on your very special event-Wedding Ceremony.

1. Long Messy Braid Updo

Long Wedding Updos

The blonde messy braid updo can make your appearance ready to attract everyone’s attention on the special occasion. Hence, you’ll feel confident and can easily cope with those exciting and nervous moments.

2. Long Wedding Messy Bun Updo Style

Long Wedding Updo Styles

This black messy high bun updo can be a mind-blowing hairstyle for any bride.

3. Wedding Updo Hairstyle

Wedding Updo Hairstyles

This is the classic wedding low bun updo. It is ideal to help you look gorgeous on your special day!

4. Asymmetrical pin-up Grey brown updo

Long Wedding Hair Styles

With your white wedding dress, the grey asymmetrical pin-up updo will look just speechless on you. It can create a romantic vibe in a bride’s appearance.

5. Elegant Brown Low Bun Updo

Wedding Updo Styles

This updo is a classic and elegant hairstyle for any bride. The honey brown color low bun updo has its own appeal. The most elegant updo it is!

6. Side Twisted Messy Low Bun

Long Wedding Updo Styles-6

7. Braided Medium Bun

Long Wedding Updo Styles-7

8. Lower Bun with Messy Braid

Long Wedding Updo Styles-8

9. Twested Puffy Bun Updo

Long Wedding Updo Styles-9

10. Pinned Wedding Lower Bun

Long Wedding Updo Styles-10

11. Pretty Twisted Messy Wedding Hair Updo

Long Wedding Updo Styles-11

12. Half-up, Half-down Hairstyles for Bridesmaids

Long Wedding Updo Styles-12

13. Stunning Braided Updos For Short Hair

Long Wedding Updo Styles-13

14. Drop-Dead Updos for Brides

Long Wedding Updo Styles-14

15. Prom Hairstyles for Wedding

Long Wedding Updo Styles-15

16. Double Braided Bohemian Hairstyle

Long Wedding Updo Styles-16

17. Front Puffed Lower Bun

Long Wedding Updo Styles-17

18. Twisted French Gorgeous Updo

Long Wedding Updo Styles-18

19. Terrific Bridal Hairstyle with Side Braid

Long Wedding Updo Styles-19

20. Braided Low Updo Hairstyle

Long Wedding Updo Styles-20