Most Beloved Bun Hairdos You Should Try

One thing for sure if we are talking about formal updos first thin comes in your mind is an updo style. There are many different updo styles that you can opt for we will talk about gorgeous bun styles that you can adopt for special events or for casual looks.

First of all you can adopt a bun with long or shorter hairstyles, loose and curly updo styles are very popular for special occasions so big messy bun is a great look for any event. There is a messy bun style that you can create for street looks, you should use texturing hair sprays and dry shampoo to create the messy and textured look. If you want to look taller big and high bun would be a good idea. Ballerina bun can be sported by young girls who want to look stylish and cute. Low bun is the latest hair trend for women, low messy side bun would look really great on women with long hair with side bangs.  Top knot bun is also another bun style idea to emphasize your facial features.

1. Stylish Messy Bun

Bun Hair Styles

2. Modern Hair Low Bun

Bun for Hair

3. Big High Bun

Hair Bun Hairstyles

4. Two Buns

Hairstyle with Buns

5. Classy Bun Style

Bun Styles


Bun Hairstyles-6


Bun Hairstyles-7


Bun Hairstyles-8


Bun Hairstyles-9


Bun Hairstyles-10


Bun Hairstyles-11


Bun Hairstyles-12


Bun Hairstyles-13


Bun Hairstyles-14


Bun Hairstyles-15