Pretty Big Bun Hairstyles for Ladies

Big bun hairstyle is the dream of every women with straight hair. It may look little bit hard for you to sport a full bun if you have thin and fine hair but there are many different bun hairstyles that you can sport.

You can easily achieve big buns with braids it would be much more easier with thicker hair. If you have fine hair tease your hair before you start to style your bun and use some texturing hair spray. Teasing is the key to a perfect big bun, messy styles can be nicely sported for every occasion. You should apply gel to style your hair easily and finish with a holding spray. When applying gel, start small and add more as needed. Women with curly and wavy hair would achieve this looks easily without any extra effort.

So here are the big bun hairstyle ideas that can give you some inspiration to sport a great buns!

1. Big Bun Hairstyle for Ladies

Big Bun Hair

2. Different Colored Hair with Big Bun

Big Bun

3. Curly Hair with Big Bun Hairstyle

Big Bun Hairstyles

4. Best Big Messy Bun Hairstyle

Best Big Bun Hairstyles

5. Low Big Bun Hairstyle

Bun Hairstyles


Big Bun Hairstyles-6


Big Bun Hairstyles-7


Big Bun Hairstyles-8


Big Bun Hairstyles-9


Big Bun Hairstyles-10


Big Bun Hairstyles-11


Big Bun Hairstyles-12


Big Bun Hairstyles-13


Big Bun Hairstyles-14


Big Bun Hairstyles-15