Trending Mid Length Layered Hair Pics

Medium length hairstyles are getting more and more popular, they are great for different styles and any woman can sport mid length haircuts.

Every woman has a different facial structure so it would be a wise choice to choose your haircut for your face shape. For instance, if you have round face shape mid-long hair with long layering would work on you very well. Your hair type is also very important while choosing the hairstyle of yours, women with curly hair can go with lightly layered hairstyles but if you have thin hair you can go with cheek length layering to create some texture and volume. You can style medium long haircuts in different ways from updos to half updo styles. Messy bun is always a good idea to sport especially for casual days.

Now it is time to check these gorgeous hairstyle ideas for mid length hair, just browse our gallery for an inspiration that you have been seeking for!

1. Mid Length Layered Hair with Blonde Balyage

Mid Length Layered Hair

2. Mid Length Brunette Hair with Highlights

Mid Length Hair Cuts

3. Mid Length Hair with Layers

Mid Length Hair Layered

4. Warm Blonde Mid Long Hair Style

Hairstyles for Mid Length Hair Layered

5. Mid Length Wavy Hair with Layering

Mid Length Hair Layered


Mid Length Layered Hair-6


Mid Length Layered Hair-7


Mid Length Layered Hair-8


Mid Length Layered Hair-9


Mid Length Layered Hair-10


Mid Length Layered Hair-11


Mid Length Layered Hair-12


Mid Length Layered Hair-13


Mid Length Layered Hair-14


Mid Length Layered Hair-15